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Home Loan Variable: 5.98% (6.35%*) • Home Loan Fixed: 5.79% (6.39%*) • Fixed: 5.79% (6.39%*) • Variable: 5.98% (6.35%*) • Investment IO: 6.14% (6.58%*) • Investment PI: 5.99% (6.61%*)

Frequently Asked Questions [ Blog ]

The frequently asked questions listed here are listed on the appropriate information pages on this website. However, feel free to browse the archive for information that may relate to your circumstances.

Home Loans (General)

What is a risk fee?

A Risk Fee is a once-off charge payable by you when the amount of money you borrow for the purchase

Loungeroom with Fireplace
Types of Home Loans

No Deposit Home Loans

Most lenders have moved away from the no-deposit home loan, although there are a few products available with very strict

Holding House in Hand
First Home Buyer FAQ

What is the Role of a Conveyancer?

Conveyancing is the legal process of preparing and organising the required documents involved in the transfer of property from one

Home Loan Types

What is a Low Doc Loan?

Low doc (low documentation) home loans can benefit people who don’t have access to the level of information banks and

Types of Home Loans

Introductory Rate Home Loans

Buying a house is filled with expenses, some examples being legal fees, stamp duty, application fees, as well as the

Split Home Loans
Home Loan Types

Split Home Loans

A ‘Split Home loan’, ‘Split Facility’, or ‘Split Mortgage’, is a home loan that combines a and a . In

Home Loan Types

Construction Home Loans

A construction loan, also known as a building loan, is a lending option that provides you funds to pay your

Finance Home Keys
Home Loan Types

Fixed Home Loans

A fixed rate loan, as opposed to the , is one where the rate is fixed for a defined time

Interest Rates
Home Loan Types

Variable Home Loans

The Variable Home Loan rate is the most popular home loan type in Australia. An interest (and comparison) rate is

Bank Vault
Home Loan Types

Interest Only Home Loans

Most home loans are based on principal and interest. That is, you pay off the principal amount (the amount you

Home Loan Types

What is a Home Loan Package?

A Home Loan Package is a home loan bundled with other financial or banking services and products with the main